A Unique Concept

The Family Trip is a different dive holiday created to offer the best of two worlds:

  • A liveaboard holiday where inexperienced or junior divers can try their fins in a safe and non-complicated dive situation.
  • World-class, advanced dives that meets expectations from very experienced divers looking for something special.

We can do this by having specialized crew onboard and plan suitable dives for different groups at the same dive site. Maldivian atolls start at the surface and reach down deep which allows us to plan advanced, deeper dives as well as shallow junior dives at the same dive site. We allocate our guides and our instructor according to the groups of the day.

Many of our best dives with mantas and nurse-sharks are at max 10m with sand bottom. Exciting for experienced divers and ideal for young or inexperienced divers safely finding their way into the amazing world of scuba diving.

Normally we plan one shallow and two advanced deeper dives per day. To participate in all dives we require a PADI Advanced certification or similar which, if needed, can be done during the trip with our instructor.

Every diver should be familiar with a few skills to be safe and get the most out of the dives. Our instructor will help during a refresher dive if needed.

  • Descend in “blue water” using other divers as reference
  • Finish every dive with a safety stop 5m/3 min
  • Carry an inflatable surface marker buoy (SMB), and deploy it during the safety stop
  • Carry a “reef hook” to preserve the reef whilst staying stationary on the bottom during strong current
  • Dive with a computer in a safe way
  • Respect and use the buddy system during all divin

Junior Certification Included in the Price

Children from 10yr can be certified as a PADI Junior Open Water Diver (max 12m) and can start diving together with their parents.

To qualify for the JOW certification we require completed theory and pool sessions via a PADI eLearning program. This is not included in the price.

During the first days of the trip the student makes the final four dives with our Instructor and becomes a certified Junior Open Water Diver. Dives and certification fee is included.

We work with some of the bigger Dive Centers in Sweden and Spain and can offer our guests special eLearning deals.

Contact us below for more info about Junior certification and PADI eLearning.

Junior Diving Safety

A dive trip with children is a unique and unforgettable experience that requires special safety awareness.

We look after our junior divers extra carefully during dive activities. Special attention is taken by every crew member onboard, from the Dhoni operators to guides and the instructor.

We are excited to take part in a young divers first underwater experience and work together to make dives, pre-dive preparations, entries and exits as non-complicated and stress free as possible.

Other Certification During the Trip

Because we are a family trip, we have time and resources to take care of guests interested in further certification.

All course diving is for free, only certification fee is extra.

Our PADI Instructor onboard focus primary on our Junior divers but will also help with other course enquiries such as:

  • Advanced Junior Open Water, from 12 yrs (max 21m)
  • Advanced Open Water (max 40m)
  • Refresh dive
  • Nitrox, from 12 yrs
  • Specialty courses