About Submaldives

40 Years of Experience


Founded by Judith de la Rosa (ESP) and Hassan Shareef (MAL), Submaldives is one of the most complete dive operators in Maldives. Together they have more than 40yrs experience of organizing dive travels. Onboard the newly refurbished luxury yacht Sea Rose II, they bring divers to the best dive sites all around the year.

Submaldives Family


A few weeks a year we step away from normal operations to something different. Our guests are still expecting world class diving, but this time we also welcome families and children. This is Submaldives Family.

Sea Rose II becomes a magic playground where children make new friends, explore desert islands, snorkel with whale sharks or join their parents on their first dive.

Every crew member onboard, including child monitor, dive instructor and doctor, make sure this unique family holiday is safe, fun and memorable.

“In a normal liveaboard, after a full day of diving, the boat gets quiet after 22. On this boat I am falling asleep listening to the kids telling stories in the dining room, it is a great feeling knowing they are having as much of a good time as I am.”

-Anonymous dive mum

“As soon as my kids were old enough to start the Junior OW course, I promised myself that the next dive trip would be with us all together. Submaldives Family trip made it come true!”