Itinerary and Activities

Every trip is unique, we will find the best sites for the day depending on current weather and marine life.

We plan two dives a day. Normally one of the dives is suitable for Junior divers together with their parents, sometimes we split into two groups where the Juniors have an easier dive with our instructor.

For non-divers we mix up indoor activities with island visits for snorkel and play on the beach where the children will be supervised by our monitor, wearing lifejackets for safety.

Following are examples of dives and activities normally included in the trip.

Whaleshark expedition: At this specific site we load up children and parents in the Dhoni, equipped with snorkel, fins and Go Pros, looking for WS near the surface. Everyone will get a close-up encounter, a breathtaking experience. After snorkeling we do a dive in the same spot.

Manta Feeding Station: (max 10m) We park up the boat for the night and wait until dusk. When schools of mantas arrive, everyone jumps in the water, snorkel or diving. Great dive for juniors. Spectacular experience for all with sometimes over 20 mantas feeding in front of us.

Tuna Factory: This site (max 10m), next to a canned fish factory is a heaven for rays, eels, lionfish and nurse sharks. Sand bottom, Great first dive for junior divers.

Nurse shark dive: (max 10m) Nurse sharks everywhere. Shallow water, sand bottom, A blast for juniors and parents alike.

Manta cleaning station: (max 40m) An advanced dive with strong current where we hook up to the reef and watch rows of mantas queue up to get cleaned just meters in front of us.

Shark and manta feeding stations: (max 40m) Also an advanced dive with strong current where a different sharks and mantas hover in schools feeding in the current in front of us.

Island visit: After a few days on the boat, we visit a local village for a guided tour and some souvenir shopping.

Beach Cleanup: The children join Judith to a beach, equipped with sacks for a cleaning expedition and picnic, learning firsthand how important it is to care of our oceans.

Beach Party: This evening we take the Dhoni to a beach where long tables and a BBQ buffet is prepared. A special holiday moment under the Maldivian stars, complete with candles, white table cloth and beach crabs trying to escape curious children.