The Crew

We are a mix of local and foreign specialists working together to create a unique experience for our guests. Most crew members have been with Submaldives for many years and no matter the role onboard, the attention to our guests, safety awareness and a shared goal to make this trip special and unforgettable sets us apart.

We currently offer the Family Trip for Spanish, British and Scandinavian guests, our key crew members will vary depending on the trip.

Judith De La Rosa. Owner of Submaldives and a passionate marine life conservator. Judith is our host and with years of local experience she deals with our daily planning and operations. She makes sure we get the best of what Maldives can offer: World class diving and adventure for the children.

Joey Dahlquist, PADI MI ret. Organizer of the Scandinavian and UK trips.

Luis Ubeda. Organizer of the Spanish trip.

Fredrik Lindkvist, Swe/UK PADI Instructor. Education and Junior diving

Sam, ES PADI Instructor, Guide, Education and Junior diving

TBA, Swe/UK Pediatrician

Lidia Riera, ES Pediatrician

TBA, Swe/UK Activity Leader

Laura and Gloria, ES Activity Leaders